Colon Therapy

1 x  / $120  ·  3x  / $310

Also known as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, this ancient method of healing gently hydrates the colon. It is the most effective treatment known to detoxify the body, improve digestive function, clear out toxic build-up and improve overall health. Undergoing a session of colon therapy at THE LAST RESORT allows for optimum safety and comfort while cleansing.

We only use the highest quality equipment available and our experienced colon therapists are all certified naturopaths or nutritionists. Each session is preceded by a lifestyle consultation and throughout the treatment abdominal massage is conducted to stimulate detoxification and enhance relaxation. After each session you will be given an electrolyte drink and acidophilus supplement to re-balance minerals and re-colonise intestinal flora.

Weight-Loss Therapy

120 min / $220

This two-hour signature treatment begins with our non-invasive weight loss massage, highly effective in reshaping your body. A colon therapy session follows, to aid elimination of unwanted matter that makes us hold onto fat. Body measurements are recorded and weight loss guidelines are given after each treatment. Best results are achieved in conjunction with the 28 Day Optimum Weight Challenge.

Organic Spa + Massage

Re-Mineralising Salt Scrub  60 min / $150

This rejuvenating treatment begins with skin brushing followed by a full body exfoliation to improve skin texture, increase circulation and eliminate toxins.         An invigorating massage using a customised blend of oils completes this treatment.

Nutrient-Rich Seaweed Wrap  90 min / $210

Skin brushing begins this treatment, organic sea salt and a blend of black pepper, juniper and cypress oils are then applied for a full body exfoliation. While you are wrapped in sea kelp and blue-green algae, you will receive a reflexology foot massage. After a shower, an invigorating massage using natural birch oil completes this treatment.

Bentonite Clay Wrap  90 min / $210

Bentonite clay has been long admired for its detoxifying proper ties. This treatment begins with skin brushing as above, and you will be wrapped in warm purifying clay whilst receiving a reflexology foot massage. After a shower, a stimulating massage completes this treatment. An excellent choice to accompany all types of detox.

Deep Tissue  60 min / $120  ·  90 min / $160

Designed to release chronic patterns of muscular tension by working on deep-seated knots.

Pregnancy 60 min / $120  ·  90 min / $160

Taking the labour out of labour, this massage relieves aching legs, back, bloating and tiredness.

Remedial  60 min / $120  ·  90 min / $160

To calm, relax nerves and relieve the body of tension and stress.

Weight-Loss  60 min / $120  ·  90 min / $160

Intensive massage designed to firm and reshape your body resulting in inch loss.

Lymphatic Drainage  60 min / $120  ·  90 min / $160

Stimulates the body’s immune system to improve circulation, promote lymph flow and eliminate toxins.

Ancient Stone Therapy  60 min / $120  ·  90 min / $160

Warm volcanic stones are used to re-align the body and provide deep stress relief.

Weight-Loss + Detox


Aussie Body Basics  2 Week Detox Program / $780

This two week program consists of 3 x Colon Therapy (day 1, 5, 10),  2 x Re-mineralising Salt Scrub (day 1, 10) and 1 x 1hr Bentonite Clay Wrap (day 5) with online support. For best results please follow the 14-day diet guidelines in Aussie Body Diet and Detox Plan included with purchase of program.

Bondi Beach Body™   4 Week Overhaul / $1500

This complete program is suited for anybody who is ready for weight-loss. Everything is included in this four week program - dietary guide, meal planner, supplements and tonics, online support and once weekly two-hour treatments consisting of Colon Therapy and Organic Spa and Massage treatment of your choice. Get ready for a new You!

VIP  6 Week Transformation/ $2750

Our platinum program promises a total and complete transformation and regularly used by VIPs both local and international. Everything is included - dietary guide, meal planner, supplements and tonics, online support and twice weekly two-hour treatments consisting of Colon Therapy and Organic Spa and Massage treatment of your choice for the first four weeks, then once weekly two hour treatments for the remaining two weeks. An elite program which guarantees results.

DIY  28 Day Optimum Weight Challenge/ $550

A weight-loss program where you don’t have to starve yourself or feel deprived. What’s more, it actually works! Everything you need is included in this box and delivered straight to your door – weight-loss guide, meal planner, recipes and all supplements (including fat-loss and appetite suppressor..natural of course!). The result? Inches off and optimum weight achieved

*We use organic coconut oil in all of our treatments unless otherwise specified. 

*Please note that an upfront payment is required for all of our Weight-Loss & Detox programs and cancellation one week from start date will incur a 50% cancellation fee.